Ready-made packages

If you’re using Arch Linux, you can install the Timelens command line tool from the AUR, using your AUR helper of choice, e.g.

$ yay -S timelens

For other platforms, there are no packages or binaries yet (let me know if you want to help change that). But you can build Timelens yourself, here’s how:

Building from source

Timelens is written in the Rust programming language, so you’ll need a working Rust installation. On Unix-based systems, you’ll probably want to run these commands to install rustup and cargo (which are like pip or npm, but for Rust):

$ curl -f >
$ sh
$ source ~/.cargo/env

There’s also a single dependency: The multimedia framework GStreamer. To install the required components for your platform, follow these instructions.

You can then compile Timelens like this:

$ git clone
$ cd timelens
$ cargo build --release

This will create the binary target/release/timelens, which you can use like this:

$ ./target/release/timelens video.mp4

Installed successfully?

Learn how to use it or, if something didn’t work: Get help