How can I get help? How can I contribute?

We use GitHub for all forms of discussion. If you find bugs, need help, or have any suggestions, please create a new issue in the issue tracker.

If you absolutely need to keep something private, you can contact blinry by mail.

What is Timelens all about?

First, visual timelines are pretty!

And second, they are useful: When you integrate them into actual video players, you can use them for navigation! With a little practise, you can differentiate scenes, and skip to parts that interest you. In a talk recording, you can see when the slides change, or where the Q&A begins. We think this makes video navigation more efficient, precise, and active.

Who's behind this?

The Timelens project (formerly known as nordlicht) was started by blinry, a computer scientist, programmer, and designer from Germany. They are enthusiastic about free licenses, food, and minimalism, and value autonomy, creativity, and curiosity. They has attended a scientific workshop on Origami in the Caribbean, backpacked through Japan, and is drawing algorithm assembly instructions.

When they stumbled over the moviebarcode Tumblr in 2011, they immediately wanted two things: An efficient tool for generating these "visual timelines" himself. And a really good integration into video players, so they could be used for navigation!

Supported by the Prototype Fund, they could make that vision a reality!